1. Traffic in Central London moves at the same speed as horse-drawn carriages a century ago.
2. In 1916 you could buy kits from Harrods containing cocaine, morphine, syringes and needles.
3. During the 1830s, infant mortality rate was around 50%, with parents expecting to lose half their children before they were five years old due to the Cholera Outbreak, filthy living quarters and a lack of knowledge of hygiene and sewage facilities.
4. In 1945, a flock of birds landed on the minute hand of Big Ben and put the time back by five minutes.
5. Buckingham Palace has 760 windows that are cleaned every six weeks.
6. Anne Boleyn and Jane Seymour, the second and third wife of King Henry VIII were second cousins.
7. It is believed today 12,000 Londoners died during the Great Smog in 1952, when reports at the time suggested 4000 – 6000 thousand victims.
8. HRH Queen Elizabeth II is one of six British Kings and Queens who have reigned over 50 years.
9. During the 18th century, you could pay your admission ticket to the zoo in London by bringing a cat or dog to feed the lions.
10.  An estimated half a million mice live in the Underground rail system.
11.  20% of all women in London during the 1700s were prostitutes.

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