I made a weekend trip to Andorra to test my snowboarding skills in the mountains, a two-hour road trip from Barcelona.
This small principality micro-state is wedged between France and Spain in the Pyrenees Mountains. Did you know. Andorra is the  sixteenth smallest country in the world by land, and the eleventh smallest by population?


In summer, the mountains are calling out for hikes, while winter brings busy ski fields for all the snow-bunnies out there. You could spend any amount of time in Andorra working on your skills and fitness!

Andorra is not the easiest country to travel to, a car or bus trip from nearby cities take at least two hours. I would suggest a weekend is a minimum amount of time to spend in the principality.


The best way to travel to Andorra is by road, there are overnight bus routes from Barcelona or Toulouse city centres and their airports.

There are no airports in Andorra itself, though there are heliports if that’s your European mode of travel! The closest airports are Toulouse and Barcelona.

There are also no train stations in Andorra, again Barcelona and Toulouse are the closest stations and then take the bus from there if you do not have a car.


  • Andorra is not part of the European Union but the currency is the Euro.
  • With a land area of just 468 km² this principality attracts 10.2 million visitors a year! Accommodation books up quickly in the winter and summer seasons, don’t leave securing accommodation to the last minute.
  • The capital, Andorra la Vella, sits at 1,023 metres above sea level. This is the ski resort I visited, it is a picturesque and cosy mountain town.
  • Stop by the Caldea Thermal Spa Centre, situated on the outskirts of Andorra la Vella. It is a beautifully modern building with man-made waterfalls, Jacuzzis, and indoor and exterior pools. I had a great time here, and a beautiful lunch in their restaurant.

Click here to visit the Caldea Centre website (this site doesn’t seem to have an English option).


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