Whether you need a base for your South East Asian adventures or simply have a few days layover, Bangkok is the chaotic hub of Thailand and a great jumping point for the surrounding countries.


I would allocate at least two days in Bangkok but you could easily fill four to five days visiting the temples, shopping up a storm and eating and drinking your way around town.


Most travellers want to stay near Khao San Road which is a young and vibrant area with lots of options for all budgets. It is a quick tuk-tuk ride to the iconic temples.

I usually stay off Sukhumvit Road (or Rama I road) where there is a plethora of modern hotel options and offers easy access to the sky train.



Named after Aruna, the Indian God of Dawn, this Buddhist temple is an incredible place to photograph and explore. Overlooking the Chao Phraya River, this temple is my favourite place to watch the sunrise or sunset.

If you are not scared of heights, climb the unbelievably narrow and steep steps up Wat Arun! I loved it!

The Reclining Buddha was bigger and more beautiful than I imagined!
As you gaze up at the golden Buddha, who’s feet are the size of a small car, you will hear the constant ‘ding’ of worshipers moving by the coin prayer pots that snake along the back wall.

Buddhists believe there are 108 actions and symbols that lead Buddha to perfection, for 20 Baht you can buy cups with 108 coins to drop in each pot, I found it to be a very cathartic ritual whether the meaning resonates with your religion or not.

An easy walk from the Grand Palace, expect crowds but be consoled with the free water you receive on entry!

 Golden stupas, temples, statues, columns! There is gold as far as one can see in the opulent Grand palace complex. It was the official residence of the Kings of Siam (now called Thailand) from 1782 to 1925.

Allocate at least half a day to visiting the Outer Court buildings and dress conservatively. The complex closes at 3:30pm.

Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew)

Within the walls of the Grand Palace, this royal chapel is considered the most sacred Buddhist temple in Thailand. The seated meditating Buddha glows in golden costumes which are changed seasonally by the King, the statue is said to be made of jade or jasper – not emerald as the name suggests.

Click here to visit the official website of Grand Palace.
Click here to visit the official website of the Chapel of the Emerald Buddha.

Every time I have a stop-over in Bangkok I head straight to this market and indulge in some shopping nirvana!

Located on Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road, there are 15,000 stalls selling endless clothing items, books, furniture, food options, pets, antiques, plants and tourist knick-knacks.

Spend at least half a day wandering the labyrinth and keep up your water intake, the sheer amount of stalls and people make the heat unbearable in the summer.

As the name suggests, it is best to visit on the weekend. On Wednesday it is mostly flowers on sale and on Friday it is a wholesale market.

Click here to visit the official website of Chatuchak Weekend Market.

If Bangkok is the hub of South East Asia, Khao San Road is the hub of Bangkok’s tourist scene.

Hotels, bars, restaurants, delicious street food, shops, tour operators, money exchanges all operate from this pulsing area of town. Everything you need will be found along Khao San Road.


If you have some time in this busy city, head to a shopping mall called Terminal 21. I stumbled upon it several years ago and always head back when I can.

Each floor is designed to transport you to a different city in the world such as London or Istanbul with the decor and architecture emulating the country as well as their clothing brand stores.

There are also great food options and most importantly air-conditioning when you need to escape the hot streets for a few hours.

Definitely use the Sky Train! It is clean and modern and you don’t have to graciously decline the ‘I drop you at party-party’ suggestions that come with some tuk-tuk rides.

The Buddhist Temples enforce a strict dress code and shoes are not normally allowed inside.

Wear long flowing pants or a skirt for women and carry a sarong to cover your shoulders. Sometimes long garments are available to rent at the entrance.

Did you know it is considered offensive to point your feet towards the Buddha? If you are in a room where Buddhists are praying, be sure to sit on your feet if you are able to.

 It is always hot in Bangkok, no matter what time of year you arrive. Make sure you drink lots of bottled water and seek out the shade and air-conditioning.



My favourite place to sip a cocktail as the city lights sparkle. Sky Bar is on the 64th floor of the State Tower, the second tallest building in Thailand.

They have a very strict dress code, be sure to check their website before arriving.

Click here to visit their website


One of those ‘everyone is talking about it, so I better check it out’ restaurants. This aptly named restaurant supports and promotes family planning options and boasts their ‘food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy’.

It is a lot of fun and a unique experience, try to sit at a table under the outside canopy area which is lit with christmas lights and, of course, decorated with condoms.

Click here to visit their website


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