Melbourne is pumping day and night with museums, street performers, night noodle markets and rooftop bars. There is always something going on in and around the city if you are paying attention.

I hope these tips make your visit a pleasant one!


Tourists and local’s alike must own a MYKI card to travel on public transport across the city, paper tickets are no longer sold unfortunately.

These pay-as-you-go cards can be bought at train stations and 7-Eleven Stores or other convenience stores.

Working like London’s Oyster Cards the cards are charged when you touch on and off the transport and can be topped up as you go.


I can’t tell you how many tourists arrive in Australia and end up walking around as red as a lobster.

Not only are extreme suburns painful, they are bad for your health and wellbeing. Australia’s sun is extreme and during the summer months you should be rubbing on that sunscreen, drinking plenty of water and wearing a hat. The slogan was grown up learning is SLIP on a t-shirt, SLOP on some sunscreen and SLAP on a hat!

Sorry to sound like a saftey monitor but there is nothing worse than having to be checked into hospital for sun stroke on your aussie holiday! It happens more than you think!


Launched at the start of 2015, Melbourne now has a free Tram Zone covering the CBD, Docklands and up to the Queen Victoria Market.

If you are on a tram that will continue out of the free tram zone you would tap on and off as usual.

Don’t ‘touch on’ if you are travelling within the free area as the pass will charge you the minimum zone 1+2 fare regardless.


The best way to get to the City from Tullamarine Airport is on the Skybus.

Unfortunately the promised train line to the airport is still a myth and taxi’s will cost a minimum of $50 depending on where you are headed to in Melbourne.

The Skybus’ run every 10 minutes or so during the day and are always express to Southern Cross Station on Spencer Street. This station is a major hub and train lines across the city and to the surrounding suburbs will be easily accessed from here.

For current information, prices and dates, click here to visit the official website of the Skybus.

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